These ready to use walls are sandwich panels made of FRACC (fiber-reinforced aerated concrete core) that's surrounded by two layers of non-asbestos fiber cement boards. Their unique tongue and groove joining system facilitates rapid construction and maximizes space utilization. These prefab walls epitomize an extremely speedy and elegant wall solution, which is compatible with a host of surface finishes such as paint, veneers, texture coating and wallpaper. Whether it is room extension or living area, Rapicon walls are a good choice as they leave the maximum carpet area and require lesser labour input with high speed of construction. It offers 2 hrs of fire rating and up to 37 DB of sound insulation making it the safest and the most comfortable solution for room-to-room walls for hospitality, healthcare, commercial and residential projects. Get durable walls at lightning speed with Rapicon.


Speedy Construction
4x Faster than brick work

Light Weight Core
4 to 5 times lighter than Masnory

Fire Resistance
Up to 2 hrs

Thermal Insulation
Reduction in HVAC Load

Sound Insulation
Up to 40 db reduction

Impact Resistance
Strength & Robustness - Sever duty Panel

Moisture Resistance
Prevent Damage from Dampness

Asbesto Free

Product Specifications

Rapicon wall panel: 4
Rapicon wall panel: 4
Rapicon ready made wall panel: 2
Rapicon fire resistant wall panel: 3
Rapicon ready made wall panel: 2 Rapicon fire resistant wall panel: 3
Poperty Units Required Specification
Length mm 3000.2700, 2400 3000.2700, 2401
Width mm 600 600
Thickness mm 50 75
Edge Profile   Square, beveled Square, beveled
Standard weight kg/m2 43 58
Apparent Density kg/m3 700-800 700-800
MOR Mpa 4 ( -0.2 / + Free) 3 ( -0.2 / + Free)
Uniform distributed load (@1.5 M span) kg/m2 190 255
Uniform distributed load (@2.9 M span) kg/m2 70 95
Axial Compressive strength kg/m2 46 75


Typical Values*
Thermal Conductivity K.cal/h.m C 0.12 0.12
Sound transmission class dB 38 40
Fire rating minutes 108 134


Fire Resistance Properties
Surface spread of flame Class 1 Class 1
Fire propagation Index (I) <3 <3
Ingitability Class 'P' (Not easily ignitable) Class 'P' (Not easily ignitable)
*Value taken at actual from test certificates

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What accessories are required to fix Rapicon Panels?

Everest Rapicon Panels requires Floor and ceiling track profile, MS tubular section, MS angle cleat, Everest jointing compound, joint fiber mesh tape, Metal anchor fasteners, hex head screw along with carpentry tool.

Can we fix doors and windows on Everest Rapicon panels? How?

We can fix door and windows on Everest Rapicon panel with the help of metal anchor fastener. We can use the CSK bolts of size M 6x65 mm and nuts to panel surface. In the case of steel door frame. Aluminum and timber door frame are simply fixed by 2 inch wooden screw or CSK self-tapping screws.

What Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL) can be taken by Everest RAPICON Panel?

Everest RAPICON Panel can take UDL (at four points) on 3 mtr Everest RAPICON Panel. The UDL of Everest Rapicon panel 75 mm thickness for 2.9 mtr span is 95 Kg/m2 and for 1.5 mtr span is 255 kg/m2. The UDL of Everest Rapicon panel 50 mm thickness for 1.5 mtr span is 190 kg/m2 and for 2.9 mtr span is 70 kg/m2 as per the typical test done by our R&D.

What is the maximum height up to which Everest RAPICON Panel wall can be constructed?

The module can be constructed up to 4.5 mtr of height for non-load bearing walls. Walls more than 4.5 mtr of height would require a suitable steel framework.

What is the maximum length up to which Everest RAPICON Panel wall can be constructed?

A maximum length of 6 mtr can be constructed without any cross walls or supports, intermediate supports with steel would be required for larger length

How to do electrical conduiting and plumbing in Everest RAPICON Panels?

For electrical conduiting and plumbing, we recommend 75mm Everest RAPICON Panels. For all fixing details, please refer our code of practice or Rapicon installation video.

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